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Welcome to Biederman's, an iconic deli and landmark pub in downtown Plymouth, NH. We serve the ultimate hand-made sandwiches made with premium Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. Grab one, add a beer — relax and enjoy our friendly pub. From the famous Boa and classic Italian to the humble grilled cheese and a cup of soup: everything we serve comes from the heart.


At Biederman’s, we put our spirit into our work. We respect the sandwich. We know how good a beer tastes at the end of the day: Ale, lager, malt, stout, or cider — we’ve got you covered. Beer, wine, and cocktails with unlimited sandwich possibilities.


Experience the legend: The face has changed, but the sandwich remains the same. The moose is waiting.


The Backstory

Biederman’s is the marriage of a pub and a deli. In 1973, The Cellar Pub served seven sandwiches, two draft beers, and Tony’s Frozen Pizza while The Down Home Deli made the best sandwiches in town. When The Cellar Pub and The Down Home Deli became one and Biederman’s was born. We’ve always believed — keep it simple, do it right. 

The Biedermoose

This moose has seen it all from bell bottoms to Bitcoin. He has been hanging around since 1976 and he’s a part of the Biederman’s family. Kissing the moose is a Biederman’s tradition. Go ahead, give ‘em a kiss. We’ll give you a sticker!

The boa

Every sandwich has a story. Circa 1980, the Balboa was introduced as a daily special. Meat, cheese, and house-made garlic butter: the customers were in love. The Boa was added to the menu and remains a Biederman’s favorite to this day. Thirty years later, the Zamboa was welcomed to the menu. This wild cousin of the original Boa boasts buffalo chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, and melted mozzarella.

The cREW

Biederman’s isn’t just the name on the sign; it’s an invitation to be a part of the family. For over forty years, we have welcomed employees from all different walks and ways of life. What we’ve shared is a mutual love for our community and our customers. Friendships, mentorships, professional and personal relationships: hundreds have grown within these walls.


Our fearless founders have poured their heart and soul in this special place. Unflinching through fire and rain, Patti and Scott, navigate the ebb and flow of Plymouth's waters. Biederman's remains the touchstone for visitors and friends, PSU students and alums — past, present, and future. 

Patti — AKA the bOSS
Now and then photos with a brief, fun bio

Now and then photos with a brief, fun bio

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